Sunday, April 21

Sexy nudist girl

There is no every day when you can see such sexy girls even in Russia, where we watch many pretty women everywhere. But sometimes luck smiles to us. She is like fairy siren or mermaid, who has come out from the sea to make people happier. May be this mermaid will leave me alone with my dreams, but, who knows, may be she would agree to drink a glass of wine... In any case, to meet such kind of fairy person is a good sign that would make the world shine brighter. If I were offered to come with her into the world where only sirens and mermaids live I would certainly agree. But dream sometimes must be only a dream, like ideal fantasy which flies with the clouds far away. 

Saturday, February 2


This photo made me laughing – really. I love such positive moments in the life which create shiny elements of being. This photo was made at Dagomys beach.

Dagomys is small town which is included in the big Sochi. It is located at 17 kilometers  from the centre of city. It is well known of it’s its resorts and nudist beaches also. In this nice town located botanic garden. And many other words can be said about this excellent place to be.

Thursday, January 31

Daughters of the sun

When I see such optimistic girls as on this photo I always like to think that life is not so bad... They were photographed at Sochi city, where are many places and beaches with really beautiful girls. In earlier times I was often be in Sochi and was never disappointed. 

The beaches in resort towns and cities differ from ones in small towns and industrial cities of Russia because people which came to resort want to relax, to become more uninhibited and to find others who want the same.